Hello, my name is Michelle I am an 14 year old independent girl who loves music more than herself. I'm shy yet I'm not scared to speak what's on my mind. I'm not happy but I'm not depressed. I like to light things on fire also read. Please feel free to direct message me whenever you need someone. Feel free to ask me anything.



Safe And Sound

Do you ever feel like you’re in that point where you are ready to throw shit and yell but then your favorite song comes on and your like “I shan’t not until this 3 minutes and 13 seconds is over”. Then you just jam out and feel good for the few minutes.


I’m over everything, And I don’t care anymore.

Deleted question

Accidentally deleted a message cause I’m a egghead like that but here’s the answers I remember

16; naturally it’s like a light brown (my hair) but I dye it black often
14; my birthday is July 7 
12;? My favorite color(s) is black and purple :3

Anonymous asked

42; Yea I’m okay heh.

Anonymous asked
2, 8, 10?

2; yes I have, I’ve cut, burned and have given myself bruises.
8; the only drug I’ve done is smoke a cigarette
10; yes I have been in love :}

Anonymous asked
1, 25

1; yes I do have scars
25; the worst things that’s ever happened to me is getting letters on how I don’t have friends and how everyone thinks I should kill myself.


You wanna find out some personal shit?
1. Any scars?
2. Self harmed?
3. Crush?
4. Kissed anyone?
5. Coke or Pepsi?
6. Someone you hate?
7. Best Friends?
8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs?
9. What’s your dream job?
10. Ever been in love?
11. Last time you cried?
12. Favorite color?
13. Height?
14. Birthday?
15. Eye color?
16. Hair color?
17. What do you love?
18. Obsession?
19. If you had one wish, what would it be?
20. Do you love someone?
21. Kiss or hug?
22. Nicknames people call you?
23. Favorite song?
24. Favorite band?
25. Worst thing that has ever happened to you?
26. Best thing that has ever happened to you?
27. Something you would change about yourself?
28. Ever dated someone?
29. Worst mistake?
30. Watch the movie or read the book?
31. Ever had a heartbreak?
32. Favorite show?
33. Best day of your life?
34. Any talents?
35. Do you wish you could ever start over?
36. Any bad habits?
37. Ever had a near death experience?
38. Someone I can tell anything to?
39. Ever lost a loved one?
40. Do you believe in love?
41. Someone you hate/Dislike?
42. Are you okay?
43. Relationship status?
Just message me a number!


Person: If you’re such a big MCR fan then when’s Gerard’s birthday?

Me: I’m a fan of MCR because of their music man, I’m not obsessed with the band members.

Me: [whispers while walking away] He was born April 9, 1977 in Summit, New Jersey on a Saturday and it was partly cloudy outside and the temperature was about 74 degrees Fahrenheit and he weighed 9 pounds 6 ounces